How do I format my text?

Simply click inside your video's text box to bring up the text formatting toolbar!

#1 Click inside the text box inside your video
#2 The text toolbar will appear.
#3 Format your text size, color, alignment, font and more!

View some examples here.

Here's a quick video walkthrough of how the text formatting toolbar works:

Video timestamps
Hiding social icons (0:04)
How to show the text toolbar (0:19)
Changing the font size (0:31)
Changing the text color (0:40)
Bolding text (0:49)
Italics text (0:55)
How to add emojis (1:02)
Alignment settings (1:26)
Switching fonts (1:39)
Vertically align your text to the center (2:05)
How to make hashtags blue (2:16)

Important: Once you're happy with how your text looks, don't forget to vertically align it to the center. This will make sure the space above and below your text are 100% equal (skip to 2:05 in the video above to see this in action).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does each new line default back to the default text settings?
This has to do with the way we calculate the spacing of the text box so there are no overlaps when you render your video. Each new line of text will be the default:
- Lato font.
- Font size 14.
- Black text.

From there, you can format it using the text toolbar.

I keep getting the "Not enough space, try removing some text." error.
Depending on the type of video you're creating, the amount of space you have for text varies. The following factors affect the amount of text you can have in your video:

- Normal post template video versus a split-screen post video (the normal post template has more space for text).
- Changing your videos aspect ratio (square videos have less space).
- Using the ad-friendly switch (when switched on, all social icons are hidden and you can use that extra space for text)

Of course, your font size also comes in play. If you use the biggest font size then that will take up more space than if you used a smaller font size.

How do I make my hashtags blue?
Select the color "Dark Blue" from the text toolbar and begin typing your hashtags. You can skip to 2:16 in the video above to see this in action.

Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or additional questions. We're always happy to help!

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