How to add music to a video?

Every great video, needs great audio. Outside of Breakout Clips, licensing audio can get expensive ($20-$50 per track). 

Luckily we have you covered! Inside Breakout Clips you get instant access to thousands of professionally curated music tracks to use in your video ads. With just a few clicks, you can find the perfect song that will boost the impact of your video!

These tracks all come with a lifetime license, and can be used anywhere on the web. More info in our terms. The music library is not available on the free plan, but it is unlocked immediately when you choose a paid plan. 

How to add music to a video

Click the Next button after adding your animation when creating a video.

Each animation comes with its own specific audio/sound effect. On the page shown below, you can choose to continue with the animation sound effect, or you can click the Add Music button to browse our thousands of premium music tracks.

Important: You'll notice if you add a music track, the "Animation Sound Effect" will automatically be switched off. This is to avoid overlapping audio in your final video. By the same token, if you want to switch the animation sound effect back on you will need to first delete the music track you added.

#1 Animation Sound Effect

Each and every animation comes with a sound effect. This is the audio you hear when you add your animation in the previous Add Animation step.

#2 Add New Music

Click the Add Music button to open the music library.

A pop-up will open where you can can click any of the collections in the Featured tab.

Alternatively, you can click the Library tab (shown below inside the red circle at the top) and search the library with all the filters (or click the Upload tab to upload an .mp3 or .m4a file from your computer/mobile device).To help you find the perfect music track, you can:

#1 - Search by keyword
#2 - Filter by mood
#3 - Filter by genre
#4 - Preview the music track, and click Add to add it to your video.

When you click the Play icon next to any track as shown below, you'll notice a playbar will appear. 

You can click anywhere along this playbar to skip ahead and find the most gripping parts of the music track!

When you've found the perfect music track, click the Add button next to it:

After it's added, you can choose to control the volume of the music in your video and you can also change/delete your selected music track:

Music tracks often have long "build ups" in the beginning, which aren't great for video ads. We want to try find the most gripping parts of the track to engage our viewer!

Breakout Clips allows you to set exactly where you want the music track to begin in your video:

Step 1: Hover anywhere on the playbar and you'll notice the "Start Time" timestamp will change as you're doing this.
Step 2: To save your "Start Time" timestamp, you must click on the playbar as shown below.

When you publish video, your music track will now begin playing from your saved "Start Time". You can also type your desired timestamp into the "Start Time" field instead of clicking.

Next, you're given the option to edit the duration of your video.

#3 Edit Video Length

Editing your video's duration is completely optional. This switch is "off" by default. If you leave it off, your final video will be the same length as the animation you selected in the previous Add Animation step.

Important: We strongly recommend keeping your video under 30 seconds. Videos over 30 seconds do not auto-loop on Facebook.

If you switch this switch on, you'll be given the option to make your video longer by looping your selected animation.

#1 - Switch Edit Video Length "On".
#2 - Select how many times you'd like to loop your animation by clicking inside the 1x drop-down field.
#3 - This will tell you how long your final video will be, based on how many loops you select.

If I select to loop my animation 3 times, you'll see below that the video length changes to 27 seconds  (9 seconds = the length of my selected animation. 9 seconds x 3 loops = 27 seconds).

Interesting side note: Why loops? Looping the animation, instead of setting a manual custom duration, ensures that the animation always completes its full cycle. A video that has an animation that cuts out half way would look very unprofessional! Example: Let's assume you select an animation that is 4 seconds long, but then set your video's duration to 6 seconds. Your animation would cut out half way through its 2nd loop and you'd have a very confused viewer! Looping makes sure the animation never cuts off!

You cannot loop an animation more than 5x. Video ads should be short and engaging, and this helps keep your video within the perfect range.

Your selected music track will automatically match the video duration you set here.

When you select anything above the default "1x" as your loop setting, you'll notice an "Advanced" setting will appear. You'll need to click on it to open it as shown below:

This advanced setting is completely optional. So, when would you use it? Well, we often get requests in our support desk along the lines of:

"My animation is covering the text, can I hide it somehow?"

Using this "Skip an animation loop?" feature, you can choose to skip any of the animation loop cycles.

Let's assume you loop your video 3 times (3x). You could then choose to hide the animation for the second loop, but have it return for the third and final loop by clicking "Loop 2" as shown below:

Considering this video is 27 seconds long (9 second animation x looped 3 times), it would look like this:

  • First 9 seconds = animation playing.
  • Second 9 seconds = the animation is hidden from view.
  • Final 9 seconds = the animation returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I allowed to use my video?
You can use your video anywhere on the web. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website or anywhere else!

What if I want to use the audio in my uploaded video?
If you upload a video background (instead of an image) to the video template, and it has it's own audio, it'll give you the option to select that audio to be included in your final video here:

How do I change my video's music?
You can preview the track before adding it to your video. However, if you have already rendered your video and would like to change your music track, simply click "Edit" next to your video on your My Videos dashboard. Click the "Next" button until you get to the "Add Music" step and click the "Change" button next to your music track.

Why can't I loop my video more than 5x?
You cannot loop an animation more than 5x. Video ads should be short and engaging, and this helps keep your video within the perfect range.

Why do some of my videos only show 2x or 3x in the loops menu?
The maximum length of a video is 60 seconds. If your animation alone is 20 seconds, then you would only have the option to loop it 3x (20 x 3 = 60 seconds).

What if I don't want to add any music or change my video's duration?
Simply click the "Skip Music Step" button or click the "Next" button without making any edits on this "Add Music" step.

Can I still edit my video length, without changing the music track?
Yes, absolutely. By the same token, you can change your video track and not edit your video length.

Still have a question?
Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or additional questions. We're always happy to help!

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