How do I change the video length?

To make your video longer, click the On switch shown next to Edit Video Length when you reach the Add Music step in the video creation process. The 'Add Music' step shown below is not available on the free plan, but it is unlocked immediately when you choose a paid plan. 

Switching this On is completely optional. If you leave it off, your final video will be the same length as the animation you selected in the previous Add Animation step.

Important: We strongly recommend keeping your video under 30 seconds. Videos over 30 seconds do not auto-loop on Facebook.

If you switch this switch on, you'll be given the option to make your video longer by looping your selected animation.

#1 - Switch Edit Video Length "On".
#2 - Select how many times you'd like to loop your animation by clicking inside the 1x drop-down field.
#3 - This will tell you how long your final video will be, based on how many loops you select.

If I select to loop my animation 3 times, you'll see below that the video length changes to 27 seconds  (9 seconds = the length of my selected animation. 9 seconds x 3 loops = 27 seconds).

Interesting side note: Why loops? Looping the animation, instead of setting a manual custom duration, ensures that the animation always completes its full cycle. A video that has an animation that cuts out half way would look very unprofessional! Example: Let's assume you select an animation that is 4 seconds long, but then set your video's duration to 6 seconds. Your animation would cut out half way through its 2nd loop and you'd have a very confused viewer! Looping makes sure the animation never cuts off!

You cannot loop an animation more than 5x. Video ads should be short and engaging, and this helps keep your video within the perfect range.

Your selected music track will automatically match the video duration you set here.

When you select anything above the default "1x" as your loop setting, you'll notice an "Advanced" setting will appear. You'll need to click on it to open it as shown below:

This advanced setting is completely optional. So, when would you use it? Well, we often get requests in our support desk along the lines of:

"My animation is covering the text, can I hide it somehow?"

Using this "Skip an animation loop?" feature, you can choose to skip any of the animation loop cycles.

Let's assume you loop your video 3 times (3x). You could then choose to hide the animation for the second loop, but have it return for the third and final loop by clicking "Loop 2" as shown below:

Considering this video is 27 seconds long (9 second animation x looped 3 times), it would look like this:

  • First 9 seconds = animation playing.
  • Second 9 seconds = the animation is hidden from view.
  • Final 9 seconds = the animation returns.

What If I Upload a Video as My Background?

If you upload a video background into your template (instead of an image):

Breakout Clips will give you the option to set your uploaded video's duration as the duration of your final video. 

This way, your uploaded video plays all the way through its full duration (and the animation will loop continuously). Alternatively, you can stick with the "Animation Duration" selection which is the default setting.

#1 - Switch Edit Video Length to On.
#2 - Click Uploaded Video Duration (defines length of your video).
#3 - Click Advanced (optional).
#4 - Optionally skip any of the animation loops.

Considering you only want the animation to introduce your uploaded video (in other words, you only want it to loop once), you can click the "Advanced" title and then choose to hide the animation after it's played one full cycle by clicking all the "Loops" as shown below.

The end result is a powerful scroll-stopping video! The animation captures the attention of your viewer in the first few seconds, and then your video that you uploaded as your background continues playing without anything overlapping it! 

Here's an example of this in action:

Want to create a video like the one above? Click here to learn how!

  • The viewer is captivated by the pattern interrupt! Who would expect a slice of pizza sliding out of a video ad? No one! That's why it's so effective.
  • The animation is then hidden after its first full loop cycle.
  • The uploaded background video continues playing, with the viewers full attention.

Of course you could have the animation return at anytime. You have full control over when to show/hide the animation using the Skip an animation loop? feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I allowed to use my video?
You can use your video anywhere on the web. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website or anywhere else!

What if I want to use the audio in my uploaded video?
If you upload a video background (instead of an image) to the video template, and it has it's own audio, it'll give you the option to select that audio to be included in your final video here:

Why can't I loop my video more than 5x?
You cannot loop an animation more than 5x. Video ads should be short and engaging, and this helps keep your video within the perfect range.

Why do some of my videos only show 2x or 3x in the loops menu?
The maximum length of a video is 60 seconds. If your animation alone is 20 seconds, then you would only have the option to loop it 3x (20 x 3 = 60 seconds).

What if I don't want to add any music or change my video's duration?
Simply click the "Skip Music Step" button or click the "Next" button without making any edits on this "Add Music" step.

Can I still edit my video length, without changing the music track?
Yes, absolutely. By the same token, you can change your video track and not edit your video length.

Still have a question?
Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or additional questions. We're always happy to help!

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