Add Extra Text Elements To Your Video

You may like to add extra text to your video, such as a call-to-action, to improve your video's impact.

Here are some examples, created in Breakout Clips:

A call to action in a video tells viewers what to do next, like subscribing or visiting a website, boosting engagement and getting results. It's like a gentle nudge that helps make the video more effective and interactive.

Examples you may have seen before are:

  • "Swipe up"
  • "Use coupon code"
  • "Comment below"
  • "Link in bio"
  • "Tag a friend"
  • "Click below"

Here's how to add these to your Breakout Clips videos

To get started, click the  Create New Video button in the top right of your account.

Proceed with your preferred video-type.

Once you're inside the editor, you'll notice a menu on the right side of the canvas (shown below):

Click this menu item and a new sidebar will appear where you can choose to add a new text element to your video.

When you click the "+ Add Text" button, the following happens:

The numbers below correlate to the numbers in the screen above.

#1: Click the "+ Add Text" button.

#2: A new text element gets added to the canvas (see label "2" above).

Further settings appear in the sidebar, including:

#3: An input field for you to customize the text.

#4: Formatting options for your text.

How to Edit The Text

In order to change the text that appears inside the canvas, you need to type inside this "Enter Text" field in the sidebar:

How to Format The Text

We have some basic formatting options which I'll explain below.

In order (from left to right):

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Snap to horizontal center
  • Left/center/right text alignment
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Under that, we have the following:

  • Changing the font
  • Editing your text size
  • Editing your text color

Lastly, we have preset styles for you to choose from to enhance the visibility of your text element.

These presets are combinations of background fills and text colors.

You can change your background fill color at any time by clicking inside the color field, and adjust the roundness of the border by using the slider.

How to Resize The Text Area

You may want to resize the text container area to enhance the style of your text (e.g. turning it into a full-width banner at the bottom of your video). Here's how to do that:

Mobile Experience

You will find the experience on your mobile device is slightly different. It has been adapted to be more intuitive for adding & editing text on your phone.

Inside the editor, click the "Text" icon as shown below:

A new text element will be added to canvas immediately, and you'll have a new bottom menu bar showing all of your text editing options (labelled them 1-5 below):

1) Edit the text.

2) Edit the font.

3) Edit the text color.

4) Select a preset style.

5) Fill the background with a color.

If you tap "Edit" (labelled "1" above), you'll be shown a text field where you can change the text content, as well as all of your basic formatting options such as styling, alignment and text size.


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