Can I add a video background instead of an image?

Yes, if you are on any of our paid plans you can use video backgrounds for your videos instead of still images.

How do I add a video?

When creating a new video, simply click inside the background of the post template (shown below).

A pop-up will appear. Use the Upload tab to upload your own video, or use the Search Videos tab to search for a video from our own library.

1) Click "Search Videos".
2) Enter a keyword to return relevant video results.
3) Click the "Search" button.
4) Hover-over any of the video thumbnails to view a live preview, or click on it to select it and add it to your video.


#1 - Is there a video size limit?

We only accept videos smaller than 30MB at this stage.

#2 - What if my video has audio?

If the video you upload has existing background sound/audio, when you click the "Next" button after adding your animation, it'll ask you to select which audio to render as the main background audio for your video (to avoid overlapping audio).

#3 - Does the length/duration of my video matter?

No, as long as your video is <30MB then it will work. The animation you select will automatically loop for the duration of your video.

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