How do I download my video?

You can use your Breakout Clips videos everywhere to capture attention!
  • On Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • As email attachments. 
  • Inside Messenger messages. 
  • On YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia. 
  • On your eCommerce store. 
  • On your website
To do this, we first need to download our Breakout Clips video. There is a  Download button available directly after creating your video (immediately after it finishes rendering).
Alternatively, you can go to your video dashboard by clicking My Videos in the top menu and next to your campaign click the  Play icon (under the 'Action' column). 

This will open a preview of your video and there will be a green  Download button next to your video as shown below:

Once you have downloaded the video file, you can upload it anywhere you like. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc (just like you would with any other video file you usually post/upload to these platforms).
If you're using a mobile device, specifically an iPhone/iPad, please visit our guide for downloading on mobile.

Have any other questions?

Have any questions about how to download your videos? Feel free to contact us.

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