How does the video credit system work?

The following only applies to you if you're on our Personal Plan. If you want to upgrade to unlimited videos, you can upgrade your plan from your billing dashboard inside your Breakout Clips account.

What counts as a video credit?

We don't take away any credits until you download your video. This means that you're welcome to edit any mistakes you may have made  before choosing to download your video.

When you use any of our video download options (this is taken as confirmation that this is the video you want to download)1 credit will be deducted. So please review your video after rendering to make sure it is the version you'd like to download.

You're welcome to download this video multiple times and no extra credits will be deducted (for example, if you double click "Download" by mistake, it won't take away 2 credits).

If you make an edit to an existing video after it has been downloaded, and then re-download the newer (edited) version, that will count as a second credit (because it is a different video to the one you previously confirmed was correct before downloading).

Here's a quick summary:

  • Revisions/edits before downloading = no credits used.
  • When you download your video = 1 credit used.
  • When you download a video, then edit it, then download it again = another credit used (because two different video versions were downloaded).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'download'?

We have multiple ways you can download your video, so when you perform any of the following it counts as a download and a credit is deducted:

- Click the green "Download" button to download your .mp4 video file.
- When you place the embed video script on your website.
- (Mobile only) Click the "Save to Dropbox" button.
- (Mobile only) When you send your video to your email inbox (learn more).

If I don't use all of my credits in one month, do they carry over to the next month?

Yes, credits do rollover into the next month which means you can stack your credits.

When the new credits for the month are issued, the previous month's credits will carry over.

If I run out of credits, when does it reset?

Your next batch of credits are issued upon successful payment (every month on your re-bill date).

Can you explain the video credit progress bar?

The credit progress bar counts downwards, not upwards. For example:

  • 9/10 credits remaining means you still have 9 video downloads left (only 1 has been used).
  • 3/10 credits remaining means you still have 3 video downloads left (7 have been used).
  • 2/10 credits remaining means you still have 2 video downloads left (8 have been used).

Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the video credit system. We're happy to help!

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