How can I post my video to Facebook?

First, we need to download our Breakout Clips video. There is a Download button available directly after creating your video (immediately after it finishes rendering).  
Alternatively, you can go to your video dashboard by clicking My Videos in the top menu and next to your campaign click the Play icon (under the 'Action' column). 
This will open a preview of your video and there will be a green Download button next to your video as shown below:

Once you have downloaded the video file, you can upload it anywhere you like. Facebook, Instagram, etc (just like you would with any other video file you usually post/upload to these platforms).

How to Post to Facebook

Breakout Clips will download your new video to your computer when you click the Download button.
Then, when you are inside Facebook you need to click the upload button on your Facebook business page (there is a screenshot of this below for you):

This will open up a pop-up from Facebook where they ask you to select the file you would like to upload to your Facebook business page.
You then simply need to select the video file you downloaded from Breakout Clips and it will upload it to Facebook.
If you are planning on uploading your video to your personal profile instead of your business page, go to your personal profile and click the same Photo/Video button as shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my video not playing in full HD immediately after posting it?

Not to worry, this is normal. Facebook takes a while to optimize any video you upload for full HD playback (they do this with all videos from all sources). If you open your Breakout Clips video file on your computer, you'll notice there are no quality issues and it will play in full HD.
Once Facebook has optimized the video after uploading, it should be smooth sailing. This generally takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes.
My video is displaying with black bars on the side, how do I remove these?
The default video size for Breakout Clips videos is called a "vertical" video (a 4:5 aspect ratio). It displays perfectly on Instagram, and perfectly on mobile for Facebook. However, it does add those bars when viewing on Facebook on a desktop.
The good news is that this is easy to fix!
You simply need to change your video size to "Square". Here is how to change your videos aspect ratio.
The 'Square' video size will not show these black bars.
I've posted to Facebook but it's not appearing?

It sounds like you could be trying to use the embed video option (which is only for your personal website). When posting to Facebook, you need to use the download button (please scroll to the top of this page and follow the instructions there).

Have any other questions?

Have any questions about posting your videos to Facebook? Feel free to contact us.

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