Creating a Scroll-Stopper Video

Our scroll-stopper templates are perfect for you if don't want to add any text/captions, and instead just want to showcase a product image or video behind our thumb-stopping animations.

If you'd like to see some examples of scroll-stopper templates, you can click here.

To get started, click the Create New Video button in the top right of your account.

Then, click Scroll-Stoppers.

A preview of how animations will interact with your video is provided to give you an idea of how your video will look (shown below).

The dividing lines represent splits in the video where you can add either one, two or even three media items to your scroll-stopper template ("media" refers to either images or videos).

Select the type of layout you'd like for your new video by clicking on it.

Please note: Currently we have around 1,000+ animations available inside the software (segmented between the different layouts you see above). They're segmented because each animation is designed to fit the layout typeSo if you select the 1 x Media or 2 x Media layouts, you'll see one library of animations. If you instead select the 3 x Media layout, you'll see a different library of animations.

If you'd like, you can click the links below to go and browse each respective animation library:

After clicking on your layout, you'll be taken to our template editor page. 

Template Editor 

Once you're inside the editor, you'll instantly notice the big grey media (image/video) field(s).

If you hover your mouse over it, "Click here to add media" will appear as shown below.

Here's an example if you selected the "1 Media" layout and then hovered over the image field:

And here's an example if you selected the "2 Media (Side by Side)" layout. The only difference is the number of media items (images/videos) you can add and how they are positioned.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll continue with the "1 Media" layout (the process for adding multiple images/videos is exactly the same as adding one).

You can change the size of your video (aspect ratio) by clicking this icon next to your video:

A drop-down menu will appear, where you can select either "Vertical" or "Square" as your video's aspect ratio.

You can learn more about the benefits of choosing a Square aspect ratio here.

If you hover your mouse over the big grey media field, you'll notice it asks you to click inside of it to select the image (or video) you'd like to add to your video.

Click where it says Click here to add media.

The (1080x1080) refers to the recommended dimensions of the media you'll be adding, but don't worry if your image is not an exact match. We have a cropping tool which allows you to adjust how your image fits the dimensions of your video.

Adding Media

Clicking the Click here to add media field will open a pop-up as shown below:

#1 - Upload (Default)
Use this tab if you want to upload an image or video.

#2 - Search Images
Select this tab if you'd like to browse our built-in stock image library (thanks to our direct integration with Unsplash).

#3 - Search Videos
Select this if you'd like to browse our stock footage library (thanks to our direct integration with Pixabay). Please note that video backgrounds are only available on our paid plans.

For the purpose of this tutorial, let's assume we don't have our own product image to upload, so we can search the millions of free images at our disposal!

Step 1 - Click Search Images in the pop-up.
Step 2 - Enter a search keyword
Step 3 - Click Search

You can scroll down through the results, and click on any image to select it.

A cropping tool will appear where you can adjust which parts of your image you'd like to be cropped to fit the dimensions of your video:

Click Done when you're happy with your cropping adjustments and it'll be inserted into your video:

You've now added your image background! 🎉

If you're not happy with the image, simply click anywhere inside the image field again to bring up the pop-up and you can search for another.

Click Next when you're ready to apply your animation.

Adding Animations 

On the right you'll see a panel of all our animations you can use. You can search for animations by keyword, or click the  Expand Panel icon to browse our full library.

Hover your mouse over any of the animation thumbnails for 2-3 seconds and a full preview will begin playing.

You can search by keyword, or filter by category too.

The animation itself doesn't necessarily need to be an object from your industry. The main objective of the animations are to capture attention, and you can insert your product/branding behind it. If you can get people looking at your video - you've achieved your goal!

Click on any animation to select and apply it to your video preview, or click the Collapse Panel icon on the right side of the page to return to the previous view.

When you select an animation, it'll be added to video preview and you'll be able to see exactly how your video will look before it's rendered (you'll notice how the animation loops continuously).

If you want to turn off the animation's sound effect, click the sound icon in-between the next and back buttons below your video ( see more detailed instructions on that here).

Once you're happy, click on  Next below your video.

Click the Start Rendering button, or click the breadcrumb navigation above the button to go back and make edits.

Your video will begin rendering. Depending on your video customizations and our current rendering queue, this should not taken longer than 60 seconds.

Feel free to create a different video in the meantime while you wait, your video's rendering progress will be available in your video dashboard (click " My Videos" in the top navigation menu to go to your video library). 

Downloading Your Video

When your video has finished rendering, you'll be shown an option to download your video file. 

Click   Download as shown below.

Now you can upload your new video file anywhere! 🙌

We have tutorials that showcase how to (step by step) post your Breakout Clips videos to social media:
- How can I post my video to Facebook?
- How can I post my video to Instagram?
- How can I post my video to LinkedIn?

Other places that these videos can used include:

  • Your website
  • eCommerce store
  • YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia
  • Attach it to an email
  • Send it inside a Facebook Messenger message
  • and more.

Check out our full guide on how to use your videos here.

We specifically developed a very unique algorithm so that your video files are compressed to be small in size, without compromising on quality. This means they can play anywhere without any loading issues.

Thanks again for choosing Breakout Clips! 🙏

Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or additional questions. We're always happy to help!

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